The famous Japanese Buddhist monk Dengyo Daishi (Saicho), who founded the Tendai Lotus school of Buddhism, once said; “What are the national treasures? They are the people who shine light onto themselves and into a dark corner. They are the people who try hard to awaken to the profound truth of what they are engaged in”.
At Hajima Gardening, we apply his spirit to our gardening. We always ask ourselves: “Is this garden modest? Is this garden simple and straightforward? Is this garden harmonized with its surroundings? Is this garden beautiful? Most importantly, does this garden possess our sincere feelings?” To build gardens is to build human ingenuity. To build gardens is to build a new way of thinking. Could you feel the gentle illumination within the garden from the natural stone lanterns purposefully and carefully placed here?
We would be grateful if you could enjoy beauty and tranquility of our gardens, which stand the test of time. We build our gardens with the mindset of a gardener who has a mission of conveying the Spirit of Saicho.